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heres the chords for "breathe tonight" by cookie

i think the song is quite honest and meaningful.

Key: B minor / D major

Bm     D     G          Em 
You broke when i just bent
Bm             D                G            Em 
You cried; i never meant to break you down
Bm             D     G                D 
This time, did i steal the best....of you

(end with a D before the chorus starts)

           G        D    A
Can you breathe tonight  As the air is leaving you
G          D    A
Scream tonight Like the words are new to you
G          A                  Bm            D
Can we go back to the last time my arms could carry you
G        D      A
Breathe tonight
               Bm D G Em
You're alive

Lost; don't leave me in the dark alone
Shine a light
Cuz you're the road that got me home
Cuz i, i never knew that love was true
Did you?


solo:(no tabs yet)
Bm D G Em

basically, thats its for the whole song.
In the actual live performance, cook has his guitar to drop-D so that he could play those riffs
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