• Song:

    Here Is Our Kind

  • Artist:

    David Crowder Band

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"Here Is Our King"
The David Crowder Band
From Passion 2005 How Great Is Our God

OK, this is going to sound complicated but here it goes...for a lot of other 
songs Crowder does, he tunes his guitar down a 1/2 step and then capoes it.
So, since Crowder capoes this song on the third fret, it should be played on
the second fret in standard tuning. Unless of course you want to go to the 
trouble of tuning it down a half step, then you would play it capo 3.

Intro (actually is the chorus but oh well)
G  G/B  C2 (2x)

G/B  C2 (throughout)

Intro to Chorus
G/B  C2 (2x)

G  G/B  C2 (4x)

Em7  D/F#  C2
Em7  D/F#  C2

That should be pretty close. Post any comments or corrections that you have. 
I realize that there are probably other ways to play the other guitars c
considering that there are three guitarists in the band. But this is the one 
that Crowder plays so please rate it based on that.
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