• Song:

    Joy To The World

  • Artist:

    David Crowder Band

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		Verse 1
	A (x02220@1)                             D (xx0232@1)E (022100@1)name="chord_131141@2">F#m7
Joy to the World, the Lord is come!
				     D (xx0232@1)         E (022100@1) F#m7 (131141@2) Let earth re-ceive her King;
			      D (xx0232@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A 	     D (xx0232@1)    ALet (x02220@1)every heart pre-pare Him room,
				  F#m7And (131141@2)Heaven and nature sing,
				     EAnd (022100@1)Heaven and nature sing,
			   D (xx0232@1)     Bm (x24432@1)             E (022100@1)      A (x02220@1)    D (xx0232@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A DAnd (xx0232@1)Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

Verse 2
		    A (x02220@1)			D (xx0232@1)   E (022100@1) F#m7He (131141@2)rules the world with truth and grace,
				    D (xx0232@1)     E (022100@1)    F#m7And (131141@2)makes the nations prove
				  D (xx0232@1)   A (x02220@1)         D (xx0232@1)      AThe (x02220@1)glories of His righteousness,
				     F#m7And (131141@2)wonders of His love,
				     EAnd (022100@1)wonders of His love,
				D (xx0232@1)        Bm (x24432@1)      E (022100@1)       AAnd (x02220@1)wonders, wonders, of His love.

			  A/D (x00220@1)              E/G#Oh (143121@4)for joy lift up      your voice
			A/D (x00220@1)                      Esus4For (022200@1)Christ has come the Christ has come
			    F#m7 (131141@2)	 E/G#Let (143121@4)the      whole world see    the Lord
		     A (x02220@1)			   A/D (x00220@1)        A2Christ (x02420@1)has come the Christ has come

A (x02220@1)      F#m (244222@1)      D (xx0232@1)   A (x02220@1)           F#m (244222@1)  D (xx0232@1)     A (x02220@1)      D (xx0232@1)        AChrist (x02220@1)has come

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