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THE BLUE - DAVID GILMOUR (On an island - 2006)

intro: E (and there's one high note played which is a B I think you should play the 
with a bar on the seventh fret,so that the highest note is a B)

EShameless (022100@1)sea
Aimlessly so blue
A (x02220@1)       B (x2444x@1)             EMidnight-moon (022100@1)shines for you

(here goes the same for this and the next verse)
Still, marooned
Silence drifting through
Nowhere to choose
Just blue...

Star-crossed you and me
Save our souls
We'll be forever blue

C9Waves (x3233x@1)roll
Bb (x1333x@1)       FLift (133211@1)us in blue
C9Drift (x3233x@1)us
Bb (x1333x@1)       FSeep (133211@1)right through
              G (320003@1)     CAnd (x32010@1)colour us blue

EWait (022100@1)for me
Shamelss you, the sea
A (x02220@1)         BSoon, (x2444x@1)the Blue
    ESo (022100@1)soon... (repeat from A to E again)

and here comes the solo which I have only a little part, so I'll try to put it all when 
get it, and it will take me some time so enjoy this, and please buy the cd don't download
it from the fukin kazaa or emule buy it, it's over the top jeje, so greetings from argentina....
(any correction send here carrositosis@yahoo.com.ar)

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