• Song:

    Disappearing World

  • Artist:

    David Gray

  • Album:

    Life In Slow Motion

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David Gray - Disappearing World (Life in Slow Motion)

I learnt how to play this song when I started to play guitar as it was about 4 chords 
was a nice easy pace, now that I am better I revisited it and changed it slightly to just 
it less dull than simply strumming.

Basically if you just play this for all the chords instead of just strumming them down 
way it sounds far better:

G)---2-------2---2-------3------2---2-------2-----2--o!     Part 1
D)-0-----------0--------------2-------2---2----------o!     (D, A)

G)-----0---0-------0------0-----2---2-------2-----2---!     Part 2
D)---0-------0---0------------2-------2---2-----------!   (G, Asus4)

The words go as so:


Part 1 repeated 4 times (or however many you like)


Slowley the truth is loading   (Part 1)
I'm weighted down with love    (Part 1)
Snow lying deep and even       (Part 1)
Strung out and dreaming of...  (Part 2)


Night falling on the city      (Part 1)
Quite Something to behold      (Part 1)
Don't it just look so pretty   (Part 2)
This disappearing world        (Part 1)


They're threading hope like fire  (Part 1)
Down through the deperate blood   (Part 1)
Down through the trailing wire    (Part 1)
Into the leafless wood            (Part 2)

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge: (you can break into strumming here or continue to finger pick the chords)
E (022100@1)                GI'll (320003@1)be sticking right here with it
        D (xx0232@1)      AI'll (x02220@1)be by your side
E (022100@1)              GSailing (320003@1)like a silver bullet
           D (xx0232@1)       AHit (x02220@1)them between the eyes
E (022100@1)                    GThrough (320003@1)the smoke and rising water
           D (xx0232@1)     AAcross (x02220@1)the great divide
E (022100@1)        GBaby (320003@1)till it all feels right
D (xx0232@1)   A (x02220@1)   D (xx0232@1)   A (x02220@1)              (Part 1 for these chords)

(Repeat chorus and repeat last line a couple of times until you want to end)

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