• Song:

    If Your Love Is Real

  • Artist:

    David Gray

  • Album:

    Lost Songs

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Author/Artist: David Gray
Title: If your love is real
Album: Lost songs
Transcribed by: Spoon
Email: Spoonyvibes@hotmail.com
CHORDS and picks...

   [A]    [G#A]   [F#m]    [D]  [Bmadd11]  [E]   [Dsus2] [B9sus4]

[Pick 1]: (end of verse bit)
          If your love is real...

  [Bm]   [Dmadd9]

[A]                             [G#A]
Three days spent staring at your photograph
[F#m]                    [D]
Read your letter made me laugh
[Bmadd11]                    [E] [Dsus2]  [A]
But there's a shadow on the path
  [B9sus4] [Pick1]
Till I know
If your love is real

Cos its not as if a lot was said
Falling in and falling out of bed
But now the worlds turned on its head
Till I know
If your love is real

[Bm]                     [A]
Spent a long time now persuading myself
[Bm]                       [A]
That I don't need no one no body else
[Bm]                         [Dmadd9]
That I felt all there was to feel

I'm in a daydream now I'm out to lunch
Should it come down to the crunch?
I'm wide open for that sucker punch
Till I know
If your love is real


I know if I should live one hundred years
I'd never see another face like yours
On stranger seas or brighter shores
Cos I know
That my love is real.

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