• Song:


  • Artist:

    David Gray

  • Album:

    Draw The Line

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David Gray  Transformation Chords

Sounds best on the piano obviously.

D          G          D
Oh my hearties bold as brass
D                 G     D 
Roll it out like summer grass 
D            G            Bm
Take me back where I come from 
D       G      A   D
Transformation has begun 

D                G         D
Throwing off the clothes of day 
D             G    D
Complications fall away 
D        G          Bm
All I am is laid to waste 
D        G     A        D
Transformation takes my place 

And just you keep it coming
G                            D      Bm   D   A
A feeling I aint never felt before 
And the way my heart is drumming 
G                                           D         Bm  D   A
Well caution just goes flying right out the door 
And aint this really something 
Em                                         Bm
Were walking but our feet dont touch the floor 

D              G    D
Standing quiet as a mouse 
D            G      D
Rodedendrons for my house 
D             G     Bm
Water lapping at my feet 
D       G      A    D
Transformation is complete
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