• Song:

    Martha Ann

  • Artist:

    David Karsten Daniels

  • Album:

    Martha Ann

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David Karsten Daniels can be found at davidkarstendaniels.wordpress.com.

C#m    E    A    C#m

       E    A    E   

C#m              E
     Martha Ann, I don't know that I can
 A                          C#m
understand just what you're goin' through.
From where I stand, there is no light
      A                    E
that you and your man are walkin' to.
A               E
  And if I was out on the brink
        B                            A
of the edge of everything that I had ever known,
how could I even start to think
           A                   E
that the whole of my life was just for show?
C#m              E                           A
    Martha Ann, how can you fall asleep at night?
Don't the end of this frighten you?
'Cause in my dreams, all of the seams -
      B                             A
they come apart, and there is only darkness.
But in your dark, where is that spark -
     B                                   A
the little light that you can put your faith in?
I only trust that everything will be all right,
    A                                  E
a choir of angels' light that you can bathe in...
    A                                  E
a choir of angels' light that you can bathe in.

C#m    E     A     C#m

       E     A     E

  A    E    B    A

       C#m  A    E  A
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