• Song:

    Somewhere Far Away

  • Artist:

    Dead Moon

  • Album:

    Nervous Sooner Changes

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                                        Dead Moon - Somewhere Far Away (Fred Cole)

Em G Am C  (3x)

Em                 G    
I don't know what happened
Am                 C
But somehow I got lost
They'd showed me all of the pitfalls
The lines I shouldn't cross
But I was young and so unstrung
Living day by day


       G              D
If you ever feel you don't want me
         C                        G Am C
I'll be out there somewhere far away

Em                G  
How much does it matter
Am              C
Battles won or lost
When you add up all of your failures
How much does succes cost
You and me fell like Portland rain
Orphans gone astray


How vaguely time remembers
How slowly we forget
We all pass through this wilderness
Never know where we'll be sent
I don't know all the reasons
Why you've always held my gaze


(End in G)

Dead Moon: 
Fred Cole-  Guitar, Vocals 
Toody Cole-  Bass, Vocals  
Andrew Loomis- Drums 

"Somewhere Far Away" on "Nervous Sooner Changes" (Music Maniac Records , MMLP 066, 
1995) and "Echoes Of The Past"(Sub Pop 2CD Compilation)

Tabbed by: Deadmoony
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