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What the Stars Have Eaten
Deadboy and the Elephantmen

Tabbed by: George Cottrell (georgecottrell@email.com)

  Em          E          C          A          B
E|-x-|     E|-x-|     E|-x-|     E|-x-|     E|-x-|
B|-x-|     B|-x-|     B|-x-|     B|-x-|     B|-x-|
G|-x-|     G|-x-|     G|-x-|     G|-x-|     G|-x-|
D|-2-|     D|-9-|     D|-5-|     D|-x-|     D|-x-|
A|-2-|     A|-7-|     A|-3-|     A|-7-|     A|-9-|
E|-0-|     E|-x-|     E|-x-|     E|-5-|     E|-7-|

Listen to the Song to get Rhythm

Em                                 E
All we've lost the stars have eaten

Em                        E
All that dies begins again

C                               E
Did you shed the earth this day?

A                                                B
Buried beneath the sky so strange it cannot be explained

Em                             E
in this light I see your spirit

Em                          E
listen maybe you can hear it

C                                  E
All we've lost the stars have eaten

A                         B
all that dies begins again

Innocent magic

is stronger than evil

innocent magic

Innocent magic


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