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Artist: Deadmau5
Song: I Remember
Transcribed by: Nick_s_07@hotmail.com

Standard Tuning

Chords for this didn't seem to exist on the internet, so I've tried to do it 
myself. Enjoy. Also, I've taken a lot liberty with chord names 'cause I don't 
remember them all. Feel free to fix them :)

Chords: B:   xx4442
        D:   xx0232
        F#:  xx5432
        Gb:  xx4322 
        Gbm: xx4220

The basic progression is B, D, F#, Gb, Gbm, F#. Just keep the top two strings 
muted with your palm throughout the song.

B           D           F#
Feeling the past moving in
Gb        Gbm        F#
letting a new day begin
B           D             F#
hold to the time that you know
Gb                Gbm            F#
you don't have to move on to let go 

B          D          F#
Add to the memory you keep
Gb            Gbm       F#
remember when you fall asleep
B           D             F#
hold to the love that you know
Gb                 Gbm           F#
you don't have to give up to let go

B        D              F#
Remember turning on the night
Gb         Gbm                 F#
and moving through the morning light
B        D               F#
remember how it was with you
Gb       Gbm               F#
remember how you pulled me through 

And so on... Mix it up if you like.
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