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band; deadsy
song: fox on the run
tunig: drop A (a,e,a,d,g,b)

  before i tab. i didnt figuare this song out by myself my friend helped. so im
not going to take all of the credit.  not to menchion the guy uses a sythinzier
(or however you spell it).  other then that your gonna have to find the struming
your self because im to DANG LAZY!!! 


B |------------------| 
G |------------------| 
D |------------------| 
A |---------------7--| 
E |--/7-----5-----5--| 
A |--/7-----5--------| 


B |-------------------------------------------| 
G |-------------------------------------------| 
D |-------------------------------------------| 
A |-------------------------------7-7-7-7-----| 
E |-7---7---7-7-7-7----5-5-5-5----5-5-5-5-----| 
A |-7---7---7-7-7-7----5-5-5-5----------------| 


B |---------------------------| 
G |---------------------------| 
D |---------------------------| 
A |-7-------------------------| 
E |-5------7-----5------5---7-| 
A |--------7-----5------5---7-| 

 HAVE FUN AND ENJOY! ! !   :)~
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