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    Bandit Queen

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Words and Music by Colin Meloy. Transposed by walksonground.


         C              C7
As the Sun is sinking low,

         F                    Fm    
And the evening's tucked in tow,

          C          Am      G            (G7)
On the horizon, my true love I see-e-e-e-eee.

             C              C7
She ain't fancy, she ain't fine

           F                   Fm
While her fingers number only nine

            C           Am            F     G
She's the belle of the ball of the insurgency.


         C                               Am
She's my Bandit Queen, laying beneath the moon

       F                              G 
In a bandit cave, a blanket laid for two

            C                                   Am
If I could find a way to your hideaway by the sea

  F              G7            C
O Bandit Queen, steal away to me.

Somewhere on a mountain, by a starry water fountain

        C                     C/B
In an alcove hid by some trees

Amidst a pile of treasure, reclining at her leisure,

   F                         G
My ladylove sniffs at the breeze.

And sitting up, she adjusts her turban

And takes another swig from a bottle of bourbon

    D7                                                G (off)
And listening to the whistling of the train in station

(no chord)
Odds are it will never reach its destination.

           C                                    Am
'Cause the Bandit Queen, astride her steed will ride
    F                   G                                     C
Oh, let me be the one to lay within your theivin' arms tonight.

[Instrumental and tap dance, not that hard to B.S.]

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