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CAPO - 1
G           E      G             E
Go to the shore and pray for the sea.
G               E        G              E
Go towards the mirror and pray that you'll see,
C  D            G    E 
     Someone else downtown 
C          D
     go downtown.

G   E 

G          E        G            E           C        D
Go to the waves of grain in the center of the state.
       G    E
Go away.
G         E         G      E                 C  
Go to a parking lot, sit on the ground, and cry.
D                      G   E
  You'll never know why.

G         E    G      E 
Go to the ocean on a ship.
G        E           G         E              C
Wave goodbye to the waves and the frozen shit
D                          G   E 
   that was in your heart.
C  D
   So long.

Oh, i figured out that ridiculously sweet guitar part.

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