• Song:

    Two steps behind

  • Artist:

    Deff Leppard

  • Album:

    Vault (bonus disc: Live...

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Intro:  A5  D5  G5  D5  (x2)
       A5   D5     G5       D5
Walk away, if you want to.
       A5   D5     G5       D5 D5 
It's okay, if you need to.
         A5   D5            E5     D5
You can run, but you can never hide
       A5           D5        E5     D5
From the shadow that's creepin up beside you.


F#5                     D5      
There's a magic runnin' through your soul
G5                  E5                  A5
But you can't have it all.     (What ever you do)
         D5        E5            D5                 A5
I'll be two steps behind you     (Where ever you go)
           D5              E5        D5 D5
And I'll be there to remind you
         A5            D5             E5           G5
That it only takes a minute of your precious time
To turn around, I'll be two steps behind.

A5  D5  G5  D5 (x2)

      A5   D5       G5        D5
Take the time, to think about it.
      A5         D5         G5     D5 D5
Just walk the line, you know you just can't fight it.
            A5      D5              E5       D5
Take a look around, you'll see what you can find
            A5           D5         E5       D5
Like the fire that's burnin' up inside me.



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