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C5 G5 F5
C5 G5 F5

C5                                          G5   F5
Calling old friends to make sure they're real, talking, talking just to feel
      C5                                 G5       F5
that sense of home you lost when you left last year.
C5                        G5     F5
Distance is just numbers on a dashboard, hours thinking about
C5                             G5      F5
nothing but the transmission stutter you fear.
  F5                 G5             A5
I remember what you whispered in my ear, 
    F5                 G5                C5     G5       F5
and all the things we tried so hard to never have to hear, 
F5                          G5                      A5
like kids tighten up, start saving for the golden year. 
               F5                 G5                  C5         G5      F5
Well, hey, that picture it fades day by day and the outcome's not so clear.

F5 F5
F5 F5
                C5                          G5               F5
Don't think I'll see you around this winter, and my tongue's stuck full of splinters; 
    C5                               G5   F5        
I'm embarrassed to admit what I've been thinking. 
C5                          G5    F5                     
Hope keeps some afloat, but for me it's no life boat. 
           C5                     G5       F5
The tighter I hold on the deeper down I'm sinking.

         F5              G5       A5   
Tried to put my finger on it but gave it my whole arm. 
       F5                G5               C5    G5       F5
Reached out with good intention, but it only did more harm. 
F5                   G5             A5
Find ourselves alone since the day we're born, 
           F5             G5               C5      G5           F5
so we seek someone to sew sutures in the places where we're torn.

F5 F5
F5 F5
F5 F5

C5 G5 F5
C5 G5 F5
C5 G5 F5
C5 G5 F5
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