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Tabbed by the one and only, mutha fuckin' CJC. Memba I told ya.I'm shit at
tabbing.Tabbed it because it's my favorite song off their new release. Rate and
all that there. Also, I couldn't find lyrics so they may be a weeeee bit off. As far as 
can tell this is right, although my guitar is kinda out of tune. But they generally play 
out of tune too so alls well that ends well.

Intro is just Em C G C

Verse uses the same progression

    Em               C                        G
                And it's dark when I get off

                C             Em
It's been that way since 4 O'clock

             C             G                             C
  I love the hustle of the Jackson Stop but it scares me how I can turn it off

 Em C Em C Em C Em C

Repeat The Verse, Just a bit faster

At about 00:42 it's simply Em C G, So just the verse minus the extra C at the end
This stays true through the next singing part

   Em                C            G
                                    I'm shaking
   Em                C            G
                                    I'm tired

Etc.  I'm tired is sung as Em is played the fourth time around.

After the C we go back to the bridge which is simply Em C X4

    Em        C     G  Then instead of C just take the G up 2 frets. Only play e and B. 
back to G

At about 01:35 it goes Em C when it's saying "slip into if you can" from what I can 
Then back to Em C G. Then when it says "got all these questions like" it's back to good old 

The rest of the song follows this gear. So stick by this and you'll do alright. 
over and out.
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