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Bb5                     Eb5
He has his moustache cut fresh for her,
    Bb5                        Eb5
she had her bangs done out to here,
        C5                                     F5
and the night was young and the beer was cheap at Texaco 

           Bb5                        Eb5
with it's fluorescent lights shinin' down.
          Bb5                 Eb5
I almost fell off of my bike twice today,
      C5                                F5
I was tryin' to turn my neck around to see...

All the speed, the weed,
Eb5                              Bb5
the screamin' into disconnected payphones .
Eb5                                   C5
I love you Old Town ladies with your windbreakers, 
your bleached blonde hair and your menthol cigarettes.

All the fog, the stench,
Eb5                             Bb5
it's rollin' in from every old pulp mill.
Eb5                                  C5
I love you Old Town dudes with your dirty shirts, 
your sweatpants on and your beards.

C5                      F5
It's so easy to end up here.
C5                      F5
The fear, the fear, the fear.
 C5                         F5
Stuck in the syrup of the everyday.
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