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E5 F#5 A5
E5 F#5 A5

E5   F#5                  A5
I was wading through the flood waters
E5       F#5            A5
You were waiting out a drought. 
     E5               F#5           A5
Do I have that kind of love? Is that what it would take to see this out?

E5 F#5 A5

E5        F#5          A5
Hold your empty disemboweled gas tanks up high. 
E5        F#5      A5
Turn them into a bong or a still 
E5                  F#5           A5
Rooting through the gas stations, tilling up our backyards 
E5              F#5            A5             A5
That's my rosy picture of the end times, my friend.

E5 A5
E5 A5
E5 A5
E5 A5

E5      F#5              A5
Bodies crumble about as fast as a house in the sub, 
E5   F#5            A5
and what you leave behind 
            E5      F#5         A5
is an un-corporeal monument of time  
           E5           F#5         A5                           A5
whether by needle, your own hands, war, an empty belly, bus, or bug

E5         A5                        E5                A5             E5
We all go seperate and together. As such, while I'm alive, show me love! Show 
    A5                          E5          A5
me love! Show me love! Show me love

And end on E
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