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Standard tuning...
A5 , D5 , F#5 , E5


A5           D5             A5                   D5
To capture for a lifetime what in moments catches on
A5           D5             F#5                  E5 
To put to paper what it was about that song 
F#5          E5             A5                    D5
Homemade magnetic tapes for all the people that you love
F#5          E5             A5                    D5                     E5
For purity, or bravery, or grace, or just because that?s what a heart does
The echoes encompassing us! 

 ( A5 )      ( D5 )

-0-- | --2------------ | 
-2-- | --3--2-3------- | 
-2-- | --2------4-2--- | 
-2-- | --0------------ | 
-0-- | --0------------ | 
-x-- | --x------------ | 

   A5              D5              A5               D5
I feel a strange prehension that is much bigger than me
A5                 D5             F#5               E5
    A shadow falls ahead so far I fail to see 
  F#5              E5            A5                    D5
And so at times I?d like a map to what I cannot comprehend 
   F#5          E5               A5                 D5
But infinite cartographer, your trusted magic pen 
          A5               D5               E5
Can only ink against the edge of understanding! 
         A5                D5               E5
Yeah, you always draw me on along, questions compounding

      A5          D5              A5                D5
But family and friends their thoughts therein will interject 
         A5           D5            F#5              E5
And, oh, to feel the strength in all the places they connect 
        F#5              E5              A5                   D5
There?s time?s we?ve spoken cryptically and times we?ve been direct
          F#5          E5             A5                   D5
Sometimes we speak so cyclically, sometimes just hold our breath and see 
        A5             D5             E5
that presence sets the stage for conversation! 
        A5             D5              E5
Or simply says what it must say with its intention! 

( A5 , D5 )

then play:
( A5 , D5 , F#5 , E5 , F#5 , E5 )

A5                                   D5
And so we start to feel we shoudn?t be so scared
     A5                F#5             E5
We see this understanding as the only thing that?s there
            F#5             E5             A5                 D5
There?s feelings you must overcome, and feelings you must use, 
          F#5              E5               A5                D5
And strengthened by a timeless love that you must never lose 


                  A5                   D5               E5
It?s born of ancestry and poetry and chemistry! 
     A5                     D5                 E5
Horizon lines and volume and infinity! 

( A5 , D5 )

A5           D5             A5              D5
     For now we focus on whatever comes to mind 
A5             D5                 F#5             E5
    A slow progression, though a tender one, we find 
       F#5          E5                  A5            D5
The sun against a face some hot Ohio afternoon
    F#5             E5            A5             D5
A timeless sense of place among the relics in my room
          A5             D5                E5
A low hanging amber melon of a moon. 
             A5            D5              E5             A5
We can stop and sleep and plan the next day soon.

hooray!! awesome new song by an amazing band. enjoy.. I'm pretty sure the chords 
are all right. good luck
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