Riff 1 
e||--------------------------||    Bass Riff 
D||--9-9-999-9---9-9-999-9---||--0^2 0------0----|| 
         Riff 2    |..3....  |....4.... 
Fill 1			Riff 3 
I'll never be the same breakin' decency 
Don't be tree trunk don't fall on my leg roots(?) 
I've been hunting too many words-got a weak self esteem 
That's pissed off the way from every single tree(?) 
But there's something else that brought us feece(?) 
Keep it all inside until we feel we can unleash 
I think that you made it up I think that your mind is gone 
I think that you should be glorified now you're god(?)! 
Suck! Your fuckin money-Suck! Suck it bitch! 
I'm here alone face flat along at the edge of the glass  
But I'm not here to preach I'm just sick of the racial(?) 
My parents knew me strong to let go of that glass  
So why should I try I clack like I'm low as hell(?) 
Before that shit that needs to stay back in the shelves 
Your punk-ass made it up and your fuckin' mind is gone 
You shouldn't never been glorified now you're god(?)! 
Suck! Your fuckin money-Suck! Suck bitch! 
You don't know me-Shut up you don't know me  
Squeal like a pig when you break fuckin break fuckin neck(?) 
Well I'll tell you bout my balls scratch what's coming back jack we'll  
turn back 
Girls(?) for any words whether not your fuckin I'm makin' no sense what  
coming is the jubilla(?) I'm really stoppin' naughty(?) an' most anybody  
so thinkin of me by now but yer the rabbit and I can't think for who I am  
n' shit I below where'll it be  
'Cause we cannot give back those lives 
We exist two thing understand  
Lot hates black sheeps an' all the purge 
Mr P I G could I fuckin see  
Show ID don't crushed all my bothers yeah ya do 
And to the jury can't be no turners on my skin this color 
Does that mean I'm burned 
Cause your punk-ass made it up and your fuckin' mind was gone 
Shouldn't never glorified god(?)! 
Suck! Your fuckin money-Suck! Fuck you bitch! Fuck. 
This is a bad-ass song! I transcribed the lyrics cause I liked the song  
so much. This song is easier to play in EADGbe but their is that one note  
in  Riff 3 that required Dropped D.  I dunno maybe they downtune during the  
'Shut up you don't know me ...' part. Ah well, have fun. 

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