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tabbed by:intheaisleyelling

I've watched Steph play this live and Im *** sure its all right.

main riff/chorus
E ------------------------
B ------------------------
G ------------------------
D -------6-------6--------
A -7-6-7-4-7-6-------444--
E -5-4-5---5-4-5---5-222--

E --------
B --------
G --------
D --------
A -55-55--
E -33-33--

verse harmonics *
E ----------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------
G ---------------*4-------(*44444)-*5-*5--
D --------*444444----------*44444--*5-*5--
A -55-55-------------55-55-*44444---------
E -33-33-------------33-33----------------

E ---------------------------------------
B ---------------*4----------------------
G ------(*44444)-*4----------------------
D -------*44444-----*4--------*44444-*4--
A -55-55-*44444-----*4--55-55-*44444-*4--
E -33-33----------------33-33------------

E ---------------
B ---------------
G ---------------
D ---------------
A -55-55--11^----
E -33-33---------

chorus riff

second verse is the same as the first(harmonics might slightly be changed.)

chorus riff

chorus ends on(2.9 harmonics are played just before the third fret harm., your finger is actually at the end of the third fret.)
E ------------
B -----*2.9---
G -----*2.9---
D -----*2.9---
A -4-4-*2.9---
E -2-2-*2.9---

bridge(while the bass is playing the main bridge part, steph is tapping the higher strings around the neck pickup with his pick to make those beeping sounds.) these are the high notes in the bridge/buildup part 
E -------------------------------------
B -----666--------------666------------
G --555---4444444444-555---4444444444--
D -------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------
*palm mute these^and gradually let off your palm and pick harder

heavy part of bridge
E -----------------------
B -----------------------
G -----------------------
D -1010-1010-9999999999--
A -1010-888--9999999999--
E -888--888--7777777777--

play the whole bridge once more

then theres a little bass part in between the bridge and the last heavy part, the "dis a pear" part.

then the main riff is played, then again for the final chorus.
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