• Song:

    Boycott Hell

  • Artist:

    Degarmo And Key

  • Album:

    Destined to Win (The Cl...

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Intro:  Dm 
1 We got a job to do, runnin' out of time to do it 

2 We got a street to win, standin' arm-in-arm together 

1 You got a gift to use, get out in the world and use it 

2 forget our differences, we can change the world forever 

    Bb                       Gm 
1&2 Bury your foolish pride, we gotta unionize 
    Bb                        Am             Dm 
1&2 Hey don't you think it's time to boycott hell. 
    C Dm 
1&2      to boycott hell. 
    C Dm   C                                      Dm 
1&2        Don't let 'em labor, don't, form a holy picket line 
    C                       Gm                         Am           Dm 
1&2 We gotta let them know,   don't ya think it's time   to boycott hell 
Etc, etc, etc..
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