• Song:

    Hand In Hand

  • Artist:

    Degarmo And Key

  • Album:

    Destined to Win (The Cl...

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Verse 1: 
      D5            G5              D5               A5           
      When you look out of your window late at night 
      D5         G5             D5                  A5    
      Whisper a prayer for the friends you made in life 
      B5        A5           D5                      G5       
      Do you remember the ones who helped you make it through? 
                       D5                  A5           
      And are you ready to lend a hand when others need you too? 
      G5      B5  G5            A5 
      Hand in hand, we walk together 
      G5       B5          G5                   A5             D5     
      Hand in hand, we'll serve the Lord forever, hand in hand 
Verse 2: 
      D5       G5             D5             A5        
      Our only treasure that won't rust or fade 
      D5                    G5             D5     A5   
      Are friendships that stand on love given away       
         B5         A5         D5                  G5    
      So love one another and love the Lord with all your heart 
      'Cause that's the way that friendships last  
            and the place that we should start 
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