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    Rescue You

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Okay. The song Rescue You is going to be in the Degrassi movie in August 2009. 
I cant find tabs/chords.
I attempted to learn by ear.

The begining is (Em) G Em Bm..

and then somewhere in the chorus i belive its G Bm A?
im not 100% sure. if you have any suggestions, id greatly appreciate it
thank you. enoji :)

(Em) G Em Bm
i was switched off like a light,
a fighter with no fight,
staring up at the stars,
i'd given into the dark,

G Bm A.. or Bm A G... i cant figure out which sounds better
somehow you saw someone worth saving,
you pulled me back into the light,
now if ever i can rescue you,
when you need two arms to fall into,
you know exactly where i'll be,
just look for me,
i will rescue you
end on D
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