• Song:

    Would Jesus Be Welcome

  • Artist:

    Del Way

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I picked up this mornings paper,
F5                         C5
tears of sorrow filled my eyes,

read where a church spends forty million,
     A5                G5
to rebuild and to modernize,
the walls will be made of granite,
imported marble on the floors,

there'll be lots of stained glass windows,
G5                           C5          A5
the finest wood for all the doors.

   D5                         G5
The church invited the mayor, 
and half the folks from city hall,

to take part in the dedication,
       B5                          A5
of the church, that would stand so tall,
it said, the local t.v. station,
will cover the story that day,

but I wonder if they invited Jesus,
A5                             D5
or would he just get in their way.
D5            D5                 G5
What I wanna know is what about Jesus,
would he be welcomed there,
                           A5         Ab5  G5
if he came walking in with sandles,
dressed in sackcloth, and long hair,
D5         D5                G5
won't you tell me about the sinner,
hooked on drugs and alcohol,
                     A5       Ab5   G5
oh Lord, it makes me wonder,
would he be welcomed there at all. 
(chorus; one more time)

I picked up this mornings paper,
G5                             D5
and tears of sorrow filled my eyes.
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