• Song:

    All The Way

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Fuse Box Live & In The ...

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[INT] -> G    Em    C7M  C    G

verse 1:
G             Em               C7M
Come close to me too close for words
and still my beating heart
G           Em                   C7M
I find your thoughts without one glance
                    G    G D C
We're going all the way

     Em                             D
With You I'm washed as white as the snow
    Dsus D      C                    G
And all crimson stain becomes just a shadow
    Em                            D
You know I would be blind without You
   Dsus     D  C                        Eb  F
So light up my way to find my way home again
  G      Em     C                       G
Today, today, today we're going all the way

verse 2:
G               Em           C7M
Tears sometimes fall upon my face
and join the oil of gladness
G          Em                 C7M
How can it be I've found this love
               G     G D C
that'll let me fly

  G      Em   C                         G
today, today, today we're going all the way

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