• Song:

    Beautiful Sun

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Fuse Box Glo / Mezzamor...

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[INT] -> E5  A5

First verse

   E5                   A5
        i would do anything to stay by your side
               E5              G5
        till the darkness falls away

pre chorus

   A5                     G5      
        iam lost in the shadows
   A5                 G5
        when will day begin     slide guitar riff during pre chorus
   E5           G5       
   with the sun        e--7~/4----6~/3--------        
   E5           G5       b----------------------
        beautiful sun   

second verse

        iam grabing for miricles
        to fell you close by
   E5                          G5
        to surround me with your sun

pre chorus

     A5                        G5
        and i know iam searching too  d----5-7~----5-7~/9~--
   A5                      G5      a-7-------7----------
        but truth lights the way      play during the first part of the

pre chorus
   E5          G5 E5           G5
        like the sun beautiful sun               play slide riff again


  C#5               C5                      B5
        and i have to say   ive put on the lamp
        all of my faith yes  all of this life
   C#5               C5                     B5
        eyes have not seen   and no one has found
               A5                B5 C5 D5
        i still believe the invisible word

third verse

        grace is my story
        hope is my song
   E5                         G5
        you have been so good to me

pre chorus

   A5                   G5
        i should have nothing
   A5                 G5
        but ive got it all
   E5          G5  E5           G5
        with the son  beautiful son
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