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    Coming Back

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Verse 1:
G                  C2
Come free me, O Lord.  
G                  C2
Come save me, O God
    D                C2
For I have known the hand of the Lord;
D                C2                 G
I have felt the eyes of the Lord on me.

Verse 2:
G                   C2
Come meet me, O Lord.
G                C2
Befriend me, O God,
    D                   C2 
For I have seen the extent of your fame;
D                  C2                 G
I have found the Maker of heaven and earth.

G                                     C2
Heaven knows- I'm coming back this time,
I'm guilty of this crime
                        Am   G/B  C2
Cause I've been walking out  on   You
G                     C2
I've run across the world
And walked in barren lands;
                               Am G/B C2
You've knocked this fool right to the floor
I'm coming back again.

Verse 3:
G            C2     G           C2
Well, all my roads lead to the Cross
      D                  C2
Where you have shown the way to turn.
   D                  C2                   G
I thought I heard rejoicing in heaven over me.

C2       D
Well, I threw it all away
       C2         G
And I died to myself
But I'll never understand
   C2        G
How I rose again
              Em                      C2
You have shown your hands full of grace
              Em                   C2
Why you chose such a life of disgrace
       Em                 C2
I can never repay such a man
But I'm coming back again.

Chorus (2x - FADE)
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