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    Coming Back

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Verse 1:
G5                  C5
Come free me, O Lord.  
G5                  C5
Come save me, O God
    D5                C5
For I have known the hand of the Lord;
D5                C5                 G5
I have felt the eyes of the Lord on me.

Verse 2:
G5                   C5
Come meet me, O Lord.
G5                C5
Befriend me, O God,
    D5                   C5 
For I have seen the extent of your fame;
D5                  C5                 G5
I have found the Maker of heaven and earth.

G5                                     C5
Heaven knows- I'm coming back this time,
I'm guilty of this crime
                        A5   G5  C5
Cause I've been walking out  on   You
G5                     C5
I've run across the world
And walked in barren lands;
                               A5 G5 C5
You've knocked this fool right to the floor
I'm coming back again.

Verse 3:
G5            C5     G5           C5
Well, all my roads lead to the Cross
      D5                  C5
Where you have shown the way to turn.
   D5                  C5                   G5
I thought I heard rejoicing in heaven over me.

C5       D5
Well, I threw it all away
       C5         G5
And I died to myself
But I'll never understand
   C5        G5
How I rose again
              E5                      C5
You have shown your hands full of grace
              E5                   C5
Why you chose such a life of disgrace
       E5                 C5
I can never repay such a man
But I'm coming back again.

Chorus (2x - FADE)
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