• Song:

    Intimate Stranger

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Fuse Box Glo / Mezzamor...

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Intimate Stranger 
D5         D5
I lift my meyes to You
F5              D5 
Eyes that have mseen a thing or two 
            F5              C5
Who is this stranger in my life?
F5         D5 
I lift my mhands to You
F5               D5 
Hands that have mcarried what is true 
         F5              C5
Intimate stranger be my life 
F5 G5 A5 Bb5 
Jesus I love You
F5 G5     A5   Bb5 
Jesus I adore You
D5 C5      Bb5              G5 
Jesus You still have my affection
       F5        C5     Bb5   F5 
And my song wil be "I love You" 
F5         D5
I lift my voice to You
F5              D5 
Lips that have cried a prayer or two
          F5                C5 
Beautiful stranger fill my life
  F5          D5 
I lift up my heart in praise to 
F5                 D5
The Saviour whose death made all things new 
         F5             C5
Intimate stranger only You
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