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    Shout To The North

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G      D                 C9
men of faith rise up and sing
 G      D                  C9
of the great and glorious king
 G        D                 C9
you are strong when you feel weak
 G      D          C9
in your brokeness complete

 G            C9             D   
 shout to the north and the south
 G          C9           D
sing to the east and the west
 Em      C9         D
jesus is saviour to all
 C9     D           G
lord of heaven and earth

rise up women of the truth

stand and sing to broken hearts

who can know the healing power

of our awesome king of love


   Em                     C9
weve been through fire, weve been through rain
   Em                      C9
weve been refined by the power of his name
    Em              C9
weve fallen deeper in love with you
   Am                         D
youve burnt the truth on our lips


rise up church with broken wings
fill this place with songs again
of our god who reigns on high
by his grace again well fly

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