• Song:

    The Crucible For Silver

  • Artist:


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start out with chorus:  G5  C5  A5  D5 D5

*verse 1*
G5                               G5
the crucible for silver and the furnace for gold
        G5              C5   G5     A5 
but the lord tests the heart of this child
standing in all purity
god of passion is for holiness
G5              C5              A5    C5
lead us to the secret place of praise

G5      C5
jesus, holy one
    A5                   D5
you are my hearts desire
G5                 C5
king of kings, my evrything
       A5                D5
youve set this heart on fire  (repeat)

*verse 2*
father take our offering
with our song we humbly praise you
         G5                 C5   G5    A5
you have brought your holy fire to our lips
standing in all purity 
your gift to us this holiness
G5              C5                 A5
lead us to the place where we can sing

*go back and repeat chorus A few times*
*Voltar e repetir refr?o A algumas vezes*
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