• Song:

    I Cant Break It To My Heart

  • Artist:

    Delta Goodrem

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If it's okay
     G5                   E5
I'll leave the bed light on
    G5                 C5                 D5
And place your water glass where it belongs
And if it's alright
     G5            E5
I'll lie awake at night
   G5            C5                 D5
Pretending I am curled up at your side

        C5                 G5
See I'm circling in these patterns
       E5          D5
Living out of memories
            C5                G5
I'm still a long way from accepting it
              C5              D5
That there's just no you and me

         C5                  G5
But if I still believe you love me
E5              D5
Maybe I'll survive
     C5                    G5
So I tell myself you're coming home
            E5             D5
Like you've done a million times
And if it's alright
     G5               D5
I'll still be loving you

                               C5       G5  D5
'cause I can't break it to my  heart

C5                G5                D5
And nothing will come between us
C5            G5                C5          G5            D5
I wanna convince myself we're perfect in every single way

( C5  G5  D5 )
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