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Delta Spirit - 9/11

tune down a half step
C/G 332010

Intro: C/G

C/G                        F   
Say good morning to my friends
(7)     G         C/G
Oh my lord, it's 6am
C/G                           F
The day ain't nothin' but a sentence paid
(7)         G                C/G
You work so hard and nothin' changed
Am                               Dm
The union crooks treat me like a pawn
D                                 G
They said to strike and I lost my job
C/G                           F
The folks back east, they say the market's fine
(7)             G      C/G
I heard that before 1929
C/G                          F
When Black Tuesday comes it'll be a hit
(7)    G              C/G
Right out of the air into the pit
Am                             Dm
There's one out now said the president
D                                       G
War World 3 will make your poor horns bend

C/G      F    (7)    G    C(G

All the old boys said they could make it last
Like Vietnam without a draft
Got the best in the biz for the marketing
We'll turn the Marlboro Man into a marine
The brave youth will come from far & wide
When 911 is the battle cry

C/G         E7      C/G      F
Well this American proud tradition
         C/G            E7      C/G      F
Yes they pulled the switch and cried for vengeance
C/G         E7      C/G          F
If your god forgave all of your sins
C/G                E7      C/G        F
Then why would you make martyrs out of them?
G (switch between G an G7 or maybe some C chord)
For money? Or power? Or glory?
Do you even care? 

end on C/G
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