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half step down

G5    A5     G5
B5   A5     G5

G5        A5           G5
Children shut your eyes
B5             A5        G5  (and so on)
we'll tell you what to see
this world is burnin' down
and you're the ones to lead

now look into their hearts
all those who hold the lead
don't listen to their lies
they only want one thing
well i only want one thing

break   C5                D5 *(03045x)                 G5 * 0809(10)x        C5

they'll rob you from the truth
and they'll steal you from our house
the blind leading the blind
don't hang around with their kind

cause i love the life i lead
and i know my enemies
well if God is on our side
well that's all you really need
well that's all we really need
well that's all i really need

follow down the road
i was led before you were born
no its not your choice
to pick your own fight

when you sitting second class
and as long as you're in control
speaking when you're asked
you make your own stand
and you take your own stand
well i'll make my own stand
and i take my own stand
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