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tabbed by Giles Bailey

Intro: C D Bm7 Em7 (3X) then: C D G
Verse 1:
C                                       G  G7M  G6 G7M
We are alive, filled with Your glorious light 
C                                   G  G7M  G6 G7M
Out of the dark into Your marvelous light 
Am7{Bm7 C   D}*     Am{Bm7  C  D}
We are wai-ting with e-xpec-ta-tions
Am7{Bm7  C     D} G  C/G * D
Spi-rit, raise us up with You 

               C  D          G
Let the church rise from the ashes 
               C  D        Em
Let the church fall to her knees 
          C   D        G
Let us be light in the darkness 
               F \ D                (Intro 2X)
Let the church rise, let the church rise 

Verse 2:
C                                           G  G7M  G6 G7M
Moving with power, bringing Your name to the earth 
C                                        G  G7M  G6 G7M
Singing Your praises, lifting up glorious songs 
Am7{Bm7 C   D}      Am7{Bm7 C  D}
We  are moving with His com-pa-ssion 
Am7{Bm7  C    D}  G     C/G   D
Spi-rit, fill our hearts with You 

[Repeat Chorus 2X] (Intro 2X)

Bridge (4x):
C        D          Bm7      Em7
Let Your wind blow, let Your wind blow,
C        D          Bm7       Em7
let Your wind blow, revive us again Lord 
[Repeat Chorus 2X]

You Tube: "Jonathan Stockstill - Let The Church Rise"

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