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tabbed by Giles Bailey

Intro: C5 D5 B5 E5 (3X) then: C5 D5 G5
Verse 1:
C5                                       G5  G5  G5 G5
We are alive, filled with Your glorious light 
C5                                   G5  G5  G5 G5
Out of the dark into Your marvelous light 
Am7{B5 C5   D}*     Am{B5  C5  D}
We are wai-ting with e-xpec-ta-tions
Am7{B5  C5     D} G5  C5 * D5
Spi-rit, raise us up with You 

               C5  D5          G5
Let the church rise from the ashes 
               C5  D5        E5
Let the church fall to her knees 
          C5   D5        G5
Let us be light in the darkness 
               F5 \ D5                (Intro 2X)
Let the church rise, let the church rise 

Verse 2:
C5                                           G5  G5  G5 G5
Moving with power, bringing Your name to the earth 
C5                                        G5  G5  G5 G5
Singing Your praises, lifting up glorious songs 
Am7{B5 C5   D}      Am7{B5 C5  D}
We  are moving with His com-pa-ssion 
Am7{B5  C5    D}  G5     C5   D5
Spi-rit, fill our hearts with You 

[Repeat Chorus 2X] (Intro 2X)

Bridge (4x):
C5        D5          B5      E5
Let Your wind blow, let Your wind blow,
C5        D5          B5       E5
let Your wind blow, revive us again Lord 
[Repeat Chorus 2X]

You Tube: "Jonathan Stockstill - Let The Church Rise"

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