• Song:

    This Is Real

  • Artist:

    Demi Lovato

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Intro:  C  F    G/C   C

              C                F                G
I've always been the kind of girl, that hid my face, 
     C                  F                      G
So afraid to tell the world, what I've got to say, 
       C          F/A    C              G
But I have this dream , bright inside of me, 
I'm gonna let it show, it's time,
to let you know, to let you know, 

         F             C
This is real, this is me, 
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now, 
                C     F        G
Gonna let the light, shine on me, 
            F         C
Now I've found who I am , 
There's no way to hold it in,
C                          F         G(Hold)  C   F/C  G/C   C 
No more hiding who I wanna be,     This is me 

        C               F                      G
Do you know what it's like, to feel so in the dark? 
     C            F                               G
To dream about a life, where you're the shining star, 
        C       F/A         C            G
Even though it seems, like it's too far away, 
    F                                        G
I have to believe, in myself, it's the only way,
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