• Song:

    Fading Away Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Demon Hunter

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Tabbed by: maps.run

Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

E5 - D5 - C5 - C5 - D5

E-------------------------- | 
B-------------------------- | 
G-4---2---5-4-2-4----4----- | 
D-----------------5------4- | 
A-------------------------- | 
E-------------------------- | 

E5            G5                   D5
 It's in this wake that I find myself
           C5          D5         E5
Losing the will to resume this Hell
            G5                 D5
When every breath is a dying wish
                 C5          D5        E5
It's harder to follow the point of this

             G5                    D5
This broken place that I call my home
                  C5          D5       E5
Has deepened the sorrow that I have sown
             G5                       D5
And I can't erase what's inside my heart
              C5         D5        C5 - D5 - B5
I want it to finish before it starts

B5                                C5 D5
My own solution insufficient again
B5                                      C5 D5
No false illusion, this devouring threat
B5                                       C5
I break the vessel, giving air to its red
             D5                      E5
And open my fate to the darkened sky

E5                D5
I've been fading away
I've been waiting on the call to reach my veins
 D5            E5
Ready or not
No attention to waste
Every sorrow of the soul will read my name
        D5            E5
When I cease to exist

[Verse2 as before]
So now I've come to the final sleep
I pray that forgiveness is mine to keep
I know it's hard to forget this man
Driving the failure into your hands

E5  ( a while)
B5  ( a while)
C5 - D5 - E5 (fast)

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