• Song:

    Snakes N Barrels

  • Artist:


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G# A# C# D#

Verse- G# A# G# C# G#
Chorus- C# G# D# A#

You can get off the water 
But you cannot get drinks 
Because the panties that you're swaying 
Are my panties in the sink 
You got a stitch in time 
And it's gonna save you nine 
First you try to wing it, 
Baby also try to fling it 
You got it easy come 
And easy go 
Only one way to go 
You gotta get up off the floor 
You got an Alfa-Romero 
It's a natural win 
I guess I'm really tired singing 
Hey, hey hey 
When you get up and go 
And you know you can't do it 
No, you don't have a chance 
But you go, go, go 
Because the pie in the sky 
Is a bird that won't fly 
And you hear the old song 
With the wonderful line 
Yeah, and what goes up 
You know it's gotta come down 
When your glass is half-empty 
When you're going downtown 
And you know you're going down 
When the mother... 
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