• Song:

    Feel That Fire

  • Artist:

    Dierks Bentley

  • Album:

    Feel That Fire

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this is feel that fire by dierks bentley. its easier to play with a capo 1 but
then then the chords change and someone else already has that one tabbed. this is 
the same as capo 1 just without the capo. enjoy. 

AbShe (xx1114@1)wants her nails painted black
F#She (244322@1)wants the toy in the crackerjack
C#mShe (x13321@4)wants to ride the bull at the rodeo

Abshe (xx1114@1)wants to wear my shirt to bed
F#she (244322@1)wants to make every stray a pet
C#m'n (x13321@4)ride around in my truck with no place to go

Ab (xx1114@1)                       F#but (244322@1)she needs to feel that fire
A#mthe (x13321@1)one that lets her know for sure 
Abshe's (xx1114@1)everything i want and more
            C#m (x13321@4)A#m (x13321@1)               Ab (xx1114@1)             C#m (x13321@4) 
her real desire, is to know i'd walk alone out on the wire
                      Abto (xx1114@1)make her feel that fire

Abshe (xx1114@1)wants a cabin in the woods
F#she (244322@1)wants to stand where nobody stood 
    C#m (x13321@4)                                  Aband (xx1114@1)someday she wants a couple kids of 'er own

Abshe (xx1114@1)wants to make love on a train
F#and (244322@1)some days she only wants a break
             C#mhey (x13321@4)but she wants what she wants, 
                   Ab (xx1114@1)   
but man i know i know i know i know
         Ab (xx1114@1)           F# (244322@1)            
chorus...yeah feel that fire- (this part is at the end of the second chorus)

Instrumental: Ab F# C#m Ab 

      Bso (x2444x@1)as long as there's a breath to take 
   F#a (244322@1)smile to share, a prayer to pray
   E (022100@1)                                F#a (244322@1)chance to hold her hand to fan the flame

then the chorus again and..
F# (244322@1)C#m (x13321@4)         Abo-h-h (xx1114@1)feel that fire

then instrumental and end on first three lines of the first verse..this is my 
first tab so ihope yall enjoy. 

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