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    'Broken' EP featuring D...

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Intro: Bm G D A


Bm (x24432@1)                        GYours (320003@1)was the perfect love
                   DI (xx0232@1)swear it was
                   Auntil (x02220@1)I had your love
                  Bmmy (x24432@1)world was cold
                       GI (320003@1)did what most man do
                   D (xx0232@1)and I messed it up
                    Abut (x02220@1)when I got you back
                   Bmmy (x24432@1)world was whole

Gthe (320003@1)player thing I let it go
                                  Dthought (xx0232@1)our love was set in stone

Abut (x02220@1)it wasn't
                   Bmand (x24432@1)I'm here alone

Gnothing (320003@1)is in front of me
                           DI (xx0232@1)feel I can't even breath

Adon't (x02220@1)think that I can handle this

baby I'm so


BmI'm (x24432@1)so in agony
G (320003@1)                     Dlook (xx0232@1)at the state of me
           Aleft (x02220@1)here broken
Bmyou (x24432@1)said you'd never leave
G (320003@1)                         Dlook (xx0232@1)what you've done to me
           Aleft (x02220@1)here broken


where do I go from here
I'm so lost
you know how hard it is
fighting my way through this
shouldn't even be like this
shouldn't have to feel like this
no noooo no

can even have company
nobody can talk to me
I messed up
all that I found myself do
look into my gallery
drinking and smoking wheed
I hate you for doing this to me
girl I'm so alone
I never felt like this in my life

Refrain x2

broken broken broken
never thought I be so slow down in my life
I swear I'm
broken broken

every day I wished that it was me that die
and I

Refrain x5
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