• Song:

    Losing Every Day

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Hunting For Happiness

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Of course, this is not the guitar part to the song.  It's a little bit of everything,
it's simple enough for anyone to strum along while they sing.  You can add fancy bits,
the moving bass note with your thumb, at your discretion.  I won't stop you.  Drink 
cause that high A can hurt after a while.  And your neighbours?  They'll be banging their
on your walls. -Greg M.

     Dm   Am/G   Gm    F   Dsus2

Dm   Am/G   Dm   Am/G

Dm                   Am/G
   Look around, look around, can you believe
Dm                    Am/G
what you see?  It's amazing...
Dm                         Am/G
   They're changing it bit by bit
       Dm                        Am/G
In tiny baby steps, so you won't notice

Dm             Gm
Maybe we don't realize
F              Gm
What it is we have
Dm              Gm
Baby, can't you see that we're
F            Gm
Losing every day

Dm   Am/G   Dm   Am/G

Dm                  Am/G
   As long as they just don't say
               Dm         Am/G
What it really is they're doing
Dm                          Am/G
   When finally you see the light
                Dm          Am/G
It will probably be way too late

Chorus x2

   Dsus2  /C     Dsus2/Bb
We cannot let this happen to us x3
      Eb                F
Are we too late, are we too late?
           Gm   F    Eb   /    (vamp for solo)
Don't give up

Dm   Am/G   Dm   Am/G

Dm                    Am/G
   I really like who we are, where we are,
       Dm         Am/G
How we are, let's not change it

Chorus x2

Dm   Gm   F    Gm   x2

      Eb                F
Are we too late, are we too late?
Don't Give up
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