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Capo 1

Verse 1:

I have got no one to blame
      G			             C2 G
Except if that someone’s me
I washed my hands, but just the same
       G			     C2 G
My eyes confess for me
D   C2
I come in filthy rags
D	     C2
You know I am guilty

Verse 2:

I wake up almost every night
 G		         C2 G
Saying Your name
What I would give to walk in the light
 	      G			        C2 G
But what I hide has made me lame
        D       C2
My face down on the ground
   D         C2
I wait to hear the healing sound

You break through my deafness
Swing open the curtain
		D		        G
And I find the courage to get up and walk
I forget my weakness
For You’ve answered my loneliness
B			         D
And through the mud on my eyes
C2			Em7            C2 G C2 G
I can see my Hope has come

Verse 3:

You’ll have to show me where to go
		   G			   C2 G
It’s been so long since I’ve used my feet
I got up today a cripple
         G		          C2 G
And now I’m dancing
      D           C2
So let the power of Your move
       D		C2
Not stop with what I can see



Em7	D
Mmm I couldn’t walk
Em7	D
Mmm I couldn’t sing
Em7	D	          C2
Mmm I couldn’t love until You found me

(Chorus 2x)
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