• Song:

    Watch The Corners

  • Artist:

    Dinosaur Jr

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Guitar Tab for "Watch the Corners" by Dinosaur Jr.

I'm not sure about Mascis' tuning, so I worked it out this way. It's my first, so 
don't judge me too hard.

Big letters for Major, small for minor.

Intro: C# (muted powerchord)

Verse: 2x E, B, C#, A, F#, E (single notes g#/e)

Ref.: part A: 4x C#, A, E, E/D# (Powerchords)
      part B: 2x F#, A, E, B (x2444x@1)             1x F#, A (x02220@1)At the Solo part 2nd Guitar just plays the first Ref. part B line over and over.
Enjoy this great Song!
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