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Make The Woman Love Me

   B    F#   E     F#

B                     Ebm7           Abm       B      
Lord I know I haven't asked for much in such a long, long time
Abm7                             C#7                   F#7
Not since that brand new pair of Levis back when I was eight or nine
      B                   F#m7         Abm7       B            E                          
And I know the world's in such a state and you've got a lot to do
                B                   Abm        C#7
But if you ever find yourself with a minute or two

F#7       B
Won't you please
               Ebm7     Abm7     Gaug
Make the woman love me, make the woman see
          C#7                  C#m7           F#7 
I'd be so good for her Lord if she'd just let me
B              Ebm7     Abm7     Gaug
Make the woman love me, make the woman care
          C#7                   C#m7      F#7     B     Riff 
Just open up her heart Lord and I'll take it from there

Lord I know that she needs me, it's just that she don't know
And my heart's so full of her it's bound to overflow
So if you should have a miracle that you wanna do up right
Won't you take her by the hand Lord and show her the light. 


by: José Duarte
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