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Only You Know  

Intro: E  F#m  E  F#m  A E A E F#m E

E                          C#m                F#m       B
I wanna see something that used to be in your eyes again
   E                   C#m                  F#m             B
I'm waitin' to see it, you know it's only a question of when
         E        Ab7                    
'Cause I know how much you're missin' 
   A         E
Whenever you know that it's missin

    E             F#m  
And only you know where you have been to
E              F#m  
Only you know what you have been through
    E                            F#m
But there's better things you're gonna get into
    F#m7             E    F#m
And I wanna be there too

I know it's not easy for you to start to believe again
And when the day comes don't let yourself be deceived again
Cause I know that you've been waiting,
Been such a long time that you've been waiting 

Chorus + Intro 

by: José Duarte
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