ok this is a really easy song if you know what you are doing. i can't tell if it is
tuned down a half step or just standard tuning. i am pretty sure it is standard but
you will have to make the call on your own.

intro  (acapella)

Bb Gm Eb F7 x2

Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb F7 Bb Eb Bb F7 
               .. .. .. .. .. ..


Bb Eb Bb Eb 
Bb Eb Bb Bb7
Eb Ab Eb Ebm

repeat verse  (play Bb to Bb7 on last chords)


Eb Eb Bb Bb
C7 C7 F Eb Dm Cm
      .. .. .. ..

repeat verse 
(fade out with Bb + Eb)  

that is pretty close to the real thing but i could be wrong
have fun with the song

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