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In Between The Heartaches 
In between the heartaches
                         Bbm7             Cm7 
You hold me here in your arms and say you love me
In between the heartaches
                       Bbm7                 Cm7
The way you kiss I can tell you're thinking of me
I know you love me
                              Gm7   Cm7
And that makes up for all the heartaches
        Gm7  Cm7        Gm7   Cm7
And the sadness and the tears

Fm                                       Abm
Everyone keeps asking me why I stay with you
The way you hurt me 
Fm                                        Abm
They can see how many times I'm alone and blue
When you desert me

       Cm7         Fm        Fm9  
Oh you come and go without a letter
Cm7          Fm            Fm9        Gm7
And they say that I should get up and go
Fm               Gm7 
They don't know, they don't know that

In between the heartaches...

by: José Duarte
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